Friday, September 25, 2009

LO Share : Little Picasso etc. (TDS Issue 12&14)

At long last, an update! I have neglected this blog for months now because I got so busy doing so many other things but now that I finally found a template I liked, my blogging mojo has returned. So here are some of the layouts I've done that have been featured in The Daily Scrapper Issue 14.

TDS Issue 14
Title: Little Picasso
Credits: Crafty Madness by Cinnamon Designs
Font: Pablo, CK Anecdote
Description: My dd loves to doodle and draw and will take every opportunity just to do so. She uses anything she can get her hands on - used envelopes from bills, brown paper bags, even the tape receipts issued from the supermarket.

TDS Issue 14
Title: Keep those pencils moving
Credits: At the Bus Stop and Layered up page template freebie by Lauren Grier
Font: CK Anecdote:
Description: Keep your pencil moving is what Kumon teachers say to their students when they start getting tired of doing the worksheets. Here's my son during the Kumon Advanced Students Honor Roll Awards 2008. It was the first time I missed this event because dd was sick during this time.

TDS Issue 14
Title: Farewell to Summer
Credits: Redju CU Watercolor Textures, Llabarca grunge photo mask 04, brown paper texture dld from the net, Katie Pertiet summer overlay freebie, KFredricks tranquility sea star
Font: CK Summer Camp
Description: This is my ds on the beach at Samal Island in Davao

TDS Issue 12
Title: The Sea
Credits: Sea Magic by Mimilou
Fonts: Old Script, Bookman old style
Description: This is dd starfish hunting with ds in Samal Island Davao. She found this cute little starfish.

TDS Issue 12
Title: Little Mermaids
Credits: Wordarts 2Mini Kit by K Studio, Nikki Beaudreau's Backyard Beach
Font: Perpetua
Description: My two sisters on the left and my two nieces on the right and my brother and nephews way out there behind them during a family reunion April 2009 at Dreamwaves in Bulacan.

You can find these layouts online at The Daily Scrapper dot com.

Thanks for looking!