Monday, January 19, 2009

A Photography Toot!

Last year, I was invited to join a free Photography course sponsored by Isuzu (IADI). It was held at the Isuzu Alabang Showroom along Zapote and the course was taught by photographer Toni Cuesta. It was my first formal lesson in photography and I really appreciate what I learned because I now can shoot more intelligently and be more technically correct instead of just winging it. I didn’t know a lot about technique before the class and although I’ve read and am still reading about photography, there are some things that the books don’t teach you. More caught than taught, I would say.

One of our first few assignments was about aperture settings. We were supposed to submit our work and upload it to flickr and teacher Toni C. would check it online.  I didn’t have much time to go hunting for a shot so I just looked around our house for something interesting to take and I ended up taking a pic of the tree outside our house. Flowering trees are not my specialty but this one is one of the original trees that we had planted when we first moved in. I love the purple flowers that cascade down the branches of this tree. Now I’m not much of a green thumb and I’ve killed a lot of rose bushes already but at least this one survived. Thanks to our once a month gardener. LOL

You can see more of my homework in my flickr account. I’m not an expert peeps so be kind. Anyway, the culminating activity of the course was a contest. We were supposed to  submit at least 3 photos that fit the theme - Me and My Isuzu and these entries would be displayed in the Isuzu showrooms in Alabang, Pasig and Cavite so that people could vote for their favorites. I don’t particularly like popularity contests because I don’t think I can ever win one anyway. Last December, I think right before my birthday, this was while we were in Davao, I received a phone call from Isuzu telling me my entry had won 2nd place. I couldn’t believe it! There were more experienced and technically better photographers in the class and for my entry to win…it just blew me away. It wasn’t exactly my first time to win in a photo contest ( I also had a winning entry in the first Hershey’s Happiness Contest a few years ago) but it still is a wonderful feeling. I know I still have so much to learn in photography and I know that I’m not in the league of the pros yet but God has a way of assuring me of His grace, His love and His approval of me no matter how little I think of myself. I felt it was His and my dad’s birthday present to me. I just wish I could hug them both…

So here’s the photo that won Second Place in Isuzu’s “Me and My Isuzu

Title:  Their Safety Our Priority

This shot was taken at the Isuzu Showroom in Alabang. Those are my kids inside that brand new Isuzu monster of a car. LOL  No, I did not win the car, I got a trophy and gift checks. hee hee ^_^

Thanks for looking everyone!